The Drums Beat Along The Mohawk

The Drums Beat Along The Mohawk

"New York State happens to be unique in representing practically the whole history of this country within its own boundaries-for from the beginning it has been a highway to almost all America."

Quote by Walter D. Edmonds
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To the Inhabitants of Tryon County:

“their very spirited conduct throughout the whole of the War have done them the highest honor, and will give the Inhabitants of Tryon County a distinguished place in the History of this Revolution.”

George Washington
August 1, 1783

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Gelston Castle Estate

3 Galina Lane [GPS location]

Mohawk, NY 13407

It’s the year 1777........

2012-08-04_17.30.30-2.jpg              2012-Gil and Lana Martin

Our American Revolution has begun in earnest. The Continental Army has suffered a series of debilitating defeats. Can the patriots ever conceive of winning their independence from the world's most powerful nation? The answer is yes! 1777 marks a turning point in the patriot's struggle for independence. Some of our country’s finest heroes resided in the Mohawk Valley of upstate New York. Back then it was the wild, backwood's interior called...the "Western Frontier".
2012-Adam Helmer, Gil Martin and Gen'l Nicholas Herkimer
The Mohawk Valley of upstate New York has always been a rich melting pot of peoples. Palatine Germans, Dutch, French, English, Irish, Scots, African Americans and Native Americans had been forging alliances for centuries.

4769-DATMOD_ShowLRWEB.jpg                   2012- Lana and Gil Martin, Adam Helmer

Why then, were the people of the Mohawk Valley facing off against each other, essentially fighting the fledgling country's first Civil War? Why did neighbors fight neighbors, fathers fight sons, and brothers fight brothers? These questions will be addessed in this compelling, historically researched drama.

2012-Girls from Fort Schuyler

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Endorsed by:

“Mohawk Valley Region Path Through History explores the landmarks identified with struggle for American Independence and highlights the stories and events connected to these historic sites. Drums Along The Mohawk Outdoor Drama is a living history event that Mohawk Valley Region Path Through History is proud to promote and include as part of this Valley's enriching narrative.”

Helen Martin: Chairwoman of the MVPTH





Tentative 2017 Performance Dates

Saturday Aug. 5th

5 pm

Sunday Aug. 6th

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Saturday Aug. 12th

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